Alaska Heliskiing was the first guided helicopter skiing operation in Alaska and has been in operation for 25 years.  We are locally owned and operated by Haines, AK resident Seandog Brownell, and adventure sports entreprenuer Stephen Spaeth.  Seandog is a pioneer of skiing in Alaska via helicopter, and Stephen has 20 years of experience helisking in North America and Europe. We fly in A-Star helicopters and ski in small groups of 5 skiers maximum. 

Helicopters are expensive, and could be considered just a convenience, but they are actually the most important piece of safety equipment we have in the backcountry. The backcountry is full of hazards and unkowns, and in the event of an emergency, we are able to be able to swoop in with a helicopter, scoop up the affected party, and fly immediately to care. Ski touring and snowmachine access does provide these capabilities, and the safety of our team and guests is our number one prority.

Haines, AK boasts the best and sunniest mountains in the state, and our is helipad is right on our own property 35 miles form town, and is surrounded by some of the best terrain in Haines. Being so close to our skiing terrain reduces flight time, and therefore makes our rates for heliskiing as afforadble as possible.

Alaska Heliskiing co-operates with Coastal Helicopters who are dedicated to safety and have experienced pilots who are wise to local terrain. Ensuring we are in the best hands possible. .

The family that skis together stays together, so bring the whole family! We have plenty of terrain to keep everyone happy, from moderate to steep. We think its unfortunate that people often think we only have super steep and gnarly terrain, because that is the terrain that makes into all of the ski movies. The reality is, we have it all! From mellow powder fields to fluted spines, but please understand the conditions and stability dictate our entire program. The dial starts low, and only gets turned up as stability and our guests permit. Just listen to the guides, they dictate what happens out there, its the most important and best thing you can do.

The mountains in Haines changed our lives. Let us help you create an experience here that will change yours!