"If you want to ride in Haines you better know Seandog. He started the operation so he could ride with his friends. His operation is "AK Style." You will not be picked up in a fancy car or served hot chocolate on the glacier, but with any luck you will ride the best run of your life."

- Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones is most certainly right about one thing, Seandog is definitely the guy to know in Haines, but now we can pick you up in a 'fancy' Ford Transit Quigley 4x4 van, and drinking hot chocolate on a glacier sure does sound nice. We have some of the sunniest skies in Alaska, we fly in A-Stars with groups of 5, and we operate in March and April. If you ever wanted to go heliskiing in Haines, we have dedicated our lives to this, and would be stoked to have you as our guest!

A little background...

Riding lifts and hiking was not enough for co-founders Bruce Griggs and Seandog Brownell. In the early 1980's, they could be found hiring random helicopters in AK, duct taping their skis to the skids, and establishing first descents from Valdez to Juneau. After working hard all summer in the commercial fishing and construction industries, Bruce and Seandog would take winters off and charter helicopters through Coastal Helicopters, who still serve us today. It didn't take long to figure out helicopter bills are expensive, so they turned to their friends, inviting them to go skiing, but this time with a helicopter. 

The dream moved from Juneau to Valdez, where helicopters became the best method of transportion in extreme skiing contests that Seandog, Bruce, Tom Burt, and other big mountain pioneers were entering. However, as Valdez became overcrowded, Seandog and Bruce decided to take their dream back home to Juneau, and incorporated Out of Bounds Adventures. Besides serving the locals of Juneau and making a film of their own called, Alaskan Extremes, Seandog and Bruce would make guiding film productions the backbone of their new business. Since that time, Out of Bounds Adventures has become Alaska Heliskiing, and has provided services for IMAX movies, Absinthe Films, TGR, Matchstick Productions and other TV, film, and internet media production companies.

Seandog is now partnered with long time guest, turned co-owner, Stephen Spaeth. Stephen has been heliskiing for 20 years in North America and Europe, and was looking to change his passion for heliskiing into a lifestyle business that can be shared with others. Stephen created a climbing gym chain before turning to media production, cattle ranching, and permaculture design. Seandog and Stephen met in a lodge in interior BC almost 20 years ago, and after receiving the inviation to go to AK, Stephen found himself on a solo journey to Haines, which would ultimately change his life. Seandog and Stephen have shared creative visions for their property, and complimentary strengths to make it all happen. They are living out their dreams and would love for you to expereince it with them.