"If you want to ride in Haines you better know Sean Dog. He started the operation so he could ride with his friends. His operation is "AK Style." You will not be picked up in a fancy car or served hot chocolate on the glacier but with any luck you will ride the best run of your life." 
-- Jeremy Jones


You've seen the pictures... You've watched to movies... Now it's your turn to ski unmatched terrain that others only dream about. Alaska Heliskiing is your only ticket to ski HAINES, ALASKA. The biggest mountains, the deepest powder and the sunniest skies in Alaska. Book your reservation today. Operating in March and April, Alaska Heliskiing offers helicopter skiing and snowboarding using state of the art Turbine A-Star helicopters providing you access to the longest and deepest ski runs you have ever experienced. Join the pros - ski Alaska Heliskiing.


Even before the dream of Alaska Heliskiing was born, there was a need to ski. Just riding the lifts and hiking as far up as your legs could take you was not enough to appease the longing to surge down the surrounding mountains of Juneau, Alaska for Sean Dog and former co-owner, Bruce Griggs. In the early 1980's, after working hard all summer in the commercial fishing and construction industries, Bruce Griggs and Sean Dog took winters off from working and began to charter helicopters through Coastal Helicopters (still serving Alaska Heliskiing to date) and scanned the hightops with open jaws and eager legs.

It didn't take them long to figure out the cost of scoping new lines via helicopter all winter was more than the average Alaskan Joe could afford, so they turned to their skiing and snowboarding friends, inviting them on lifetime experiences, guiding them down their secret runways, just for the cost of the helicopter. This is how Alaska Heliskiing began and essentially remains in operation. It is Sean Dog and his guides, leading their friends in to the mountainous areas around them, guiding them through unmarked territories, all for the cost of the helicopter time used.

The dream moved from Juneau to Valdez, Alaska where heliskiing became the method for extreme skiing contests that people like Sean Dog, Bruce Griggs, Tom Burt and many other pioneers were entering. Sean Dog and Griggs decided to take their passion back to their home in Juneau and incorporated Out of Bounds Adventures. Besides locals of Juneau, Sean and Bruce met people like Justin Hostynek of Absinthe Films and filming became a huge part of their new business.

Since that time, Out of Bounds Adventures has become Alaska Heliskiing in Haines, AK, and has provided services for Imax movies, films for TGR, Matchstick Productions and many other film companies as well as a home for top notch photographers and the great Red Bull photo contest of 2002. Alaska Heliskiing not only caters to filmers and photographers; it's owners, operators and guides pride themselves in showing all customers just what Haines has to offer in terms of amazing terrain, perfect snow conditions and beautiful sunny days mixed with an Alaskan flair you will never forget.