Snow Sisters: Haines Alaska Big Mountain Women's Week

Snow Sisters

Alaska Heliskiing Presents

the 5th Annual

Snow Sisters Event

Haines, Alaska
March 10-18, 2018

Snow sisters is a 9 day women’s ski and snowboard Heli camp offered by Alaska Heliskiing in Haines, Alaska. The vision of Snow Sisters is to offer an encouraging environment where women feel supported and capable of pushing themselves in the mountains. 

​The Snow Sisters week offers opportunities to build your skill set to be a more well-rounded person in the mountains, and have an amazing experience. Packages are available to suit your ideal trip:
  • Heli-skiing!
  • Workshops on avalanche safety and crevasse rescue
  • Eating delicious, fresh, healthy food: Alaskan King Crab, Alaskan King Salmon, fresh Hawaiian Ahi for Sushi, Halibut–you get it. It’s going to blow your taste buds away!
  • Ski touring options on the pass between Alaska and Canada
  • Ski/Snowboard movie showings 
  • Other activities like snow-machining, hot tubbing, yoga, fishing, ​watching Humpback whales, checking out the awesome town of Haines, and more!


Haines is known for huge, steep mountains caked with untouched powder​. 

It can be intimidating and this is precisely why we created ​Snow Sisters​. 

Our goal is for women to experience the massive, steep mountains of Alaska in an inclusive and inspiring way. We want women to feel like they can stand on top of a steep mountain that drops off on all sides and feel assured that they can not only ski it safely, but ski it well. 

At the Snow Sisters camp, we want you to feel grounded in your abilities to be self-sufficient in the mountains–to have the confidence to call your own shots. Our vision is that through the activities offered at Snow Sisters, you can find yourself living beyond what you previously thought was possible–trying new things, skiing steeper lines, and laughing. Endless laughing!

You have always dreamed of going to Alaska, so we invite you to come join us for nine days during the 4th annual Snow Sisters Heli Ski Camp. You have the potential to explore and discover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. This is your year. This is your rite of passage. The time is now. Contact Rhianna or Ashley for more details.

“I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for the Snow Sisters camp last year. When I showed up I was nervous and intimidated by the mountains and doing something I had always only just dreamed of…But Rhianna, Ashley, and the rest of the ladies at the camp made it so welcome and inviting that I knew I had found a very special community. The event helped me envision myself as not only a better skier, but a more daring person. My time in Alaska was so unforgettable!”
-Claire Smallwood, SheJumps Executive Director

“It was an incredible experience. A week full of pure joy, excitement, craziness, and adventures. The first day you wake up at home you’re already missing skiing with those great, inspiring women.” -Nina Franz

Snow Sisters - 2014 from Snow Sisters on Vimeo.

SNOW SISTERS from Caitlin Sullivan on Vimeo.

Price per snow sister


3 days of heliskiing with Alaska Heliskiing
+ lodging

+ food
+ ground transportation