Traveling to Haines - Part of the Adventure

There are a few ways to get to Haines: plane, ferry or automobile.  If you are traveling from the Lower 48 of the US, flying to Juneau from Seattle via Alaska Airlines is the the most accommodating.  If you are traveling from Canada or Europe, flying to Whitehorse via Vancouver may be the best choice. The Best Western Country Lane Inn is our hotel partner in Juneau, and provides a discount for our guests.  

From Juneau, you will either ferry ( or fly ( to Haines.  The ferry is scheduled approximately 5 days out of 7 and is rarely cancelled due to weather.  The ferry is 4.5 hours and the cost is approximately $50 per person.  Flights are 35 minutes and the cost is approximately $120 per person.   But, flights are frequently cancelled due to weather so it is always smart to include the ferry in your travel arrangement or rely on it as a back up if flights are cancelled.

From Whitehorse, there is only one option for travelling to Haines.  You must rent a car for the four-hour drive to Haines, Alaska.  The drive is remarkable, and the road is clear and drivable almost every day of the season.  Depending on flight costs, renting a car and driving to Haines from Whitehorse may be the least expensive option.

Driving to Haines via the Cassiar and the Alaska Highway are options as well, especially if you plan to stay in Haines for a longer duration and wish to spend less money on travel as well as have your own vehicle in Haines.  Be sure to check road conditions on both routes as well as bring extra fuel for Cassiar travel.

Arriving in Haines - OMG this place is Amazing!

Yes, you will be overwhelmed if this is your first visit to Haines, Alaska. Our way of life is different here, but we will pick you from the ferry or airport, and help you get the supplies you need in town and help you get settled.

Drivers from Whitehorse will arrive at base before entering town so make sure we know your ETA.  Stop by at least to say "Hi" if you are headed to town (we may need something and it could save us the drive!)  

Departing Haines - It's hard to leave but you could always become a Haines resident!

You will probably be leaving the same way you arrived, but please keep in mind that there is a chance that planes may not be flying to Juneau due to weather so keep that ferry schedule as a back up so you don't get "stuck" due to bad weather.  But you're always welcome to stick around!