Traveling to Haines - Part of the Adventure

If you are traveling from the Lower 48, or 'Down South' as Alaskans call it, flying to Juneau from Seattle via Alaska Airlines is the the best bet. Juneau is the capital of Alaska, and is only acceislbe by plane or ship. In Juneau, we suggest you stay at The Best Western Country Lane Inn. They have great service, an incredible free shuttle, and they provide a fixed rate for our guests. From Juneau, you will either ferry ( or fly ( to Haines.  The ferry is scheduled approximately 5 days out of 7, is rarely affected or cancelled due to weather, lasts 4.5 hours, and costs $50 per person to walk on.  Flights are 35 minutes and costs about $120 per person. However, flights are frequently affected and cancelled due to weather, so we suggest taking the ferry. No matter which method you choose, we will pick you up, show you around town a bit, and help you get settled.

If you are traveling from Canada or Europe, flying to Whitehorse via Vancouver may be the best choice. However, from Whitehorse, there is only one option for traveling to Haines. You must rent a car for a four-hour spectacular drive. Depending on flight costs, renting a car and driving from Whitehorse may be the best choice, and gives you freedom to drie around Haines. Drivers from Whitehorse will pass by our base at 35 mile before entering town. Please stop by to say, "Hi!" even if you are headed to town, we may need something, and it would huge if you could do us the favor if needed! Teamwork makes the dream work in Alaska!

Driving to Haines via the Cassiar and the Alaska Highway are options as well, especially if you plan to stay in Haines for the season or part of, have your furry friend, or just want your own vehicle in Haines. Be sure to check road conditions on both routes, as well as bring extra fuel in gas cans for the Cassiar.