Travel and Lodging

Getting to Haines is part of the adventure! Choose ferry or flight from Juneau, but we honestly almost always choose ferry. Its the way of life in Southeast AK, bring a camera for all of the whales and wildlife you'll see. Here is some info to assist with your travel plans. Lodging is available for guide school students at the Funny Farm.

Arrival - Students must be in Haines and prepared to begin class at 8 AM on Monday February 25, 2019.  If you are traveling to Haines via Juneau, there is a ferry ( on Sunday February 24th, departing Juneau at 7 AM and arriving in Haines at 11:30 AM. This will give you plenty of time to purchase your groceries and supplies for the next two weeks in the area, and settle in for a restful evening prior the first day of the course. There are also flights from Juneau to Haines ( every day weather permitting, but there will not be a flight early enough on the morning of the 25th to prepare you for an 8:00 AM class start time, so you would still need a flight the day before. The ferry is 4.5 hours and costs approximately $30, a flight is 35 minutes and the cost is approximately $105.  If you will be driving to Haines from Haines Junction, please check the Canadian and American border times in Haines, and arrive by the evening of the 24th.  There is also the ferry from Skagway to Haines, that leaves at 2 PM on the 24th. *PLEASE VERIFY FERRY TIMES WITH THE ALASKA MARINE HIGHWAY SYSTEM*

Departure - All students are welcome to stay in Haines after the completion of the guide school course.  You will receive the guide rate for any heliskiing that you would like to do after the course, which is approximately 20 - 30 percent below our regular client rate.  If you plan to leave Haines immediately following the course, there is a ferry to Juneau on the 10th of March leaving Haines at 4:00PM.  As well as daily flights from Haines to Juneau, weather dependent.

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